"Moonlit banks and dancing with blueberry dreamers...."

Beautiful dreamer, bright-eyed magic maker, gracious dancer…..

You are just where you need to be. Steady your voice on me, dear one… Linger in the dance.

Watch the sunrise & the sunset. Savor bliss and bless its path. Smile bravely and release anger quietly.

Moonlit covered banks and dancing with blueberry dreamers, is waiting for you on the horizon.

So, let love wrap you up like honey covered cones, blanketing you like it did in the womb.

Relax. Relax. Relax. Listen to the orchestra of nature that surrounds you.

Whisper lullabies to the mountaintops, and come …let go with the waves & align with the ocean.

Breathe in the magic of starlight, and laugh with every raindrop.

Build fires with passions and light ‘em with kisses & gasoline!

Taste this life experience with all your senses, and quit worrying about what others think makes sense.

Sing love songs to your body, your daughters, and your congressmen. Love listens louder when it’s sung.

Give your time to those who matter to you, and fuel the hearts of your kindred.

Jump in. Open your eyes. Kiss often. Giggle incessantly.

Darkness grows you and sunshine adds sparkle.

Smile with the tips of your fingers and the closing of your eyes.

Devour the present. Fall in love with it all. Dive in.

You are divinely worthy of your every dream.

Dream louder, bigger, and with every color in creation.

Claim your purpose. This world needs you.

Gift your voice to this world and climb boldly on the shoulders of pioneers and inventors that rose before you.

Energy. Energy. Energy… align with what lifts you.

Cry openly when you need to, because sometimes tears build the bridges that connect us all.

Authenticity takes strength, but thankfully, you were born with wings. Use them, my darling.

Let the wind move you if it needs to and trust.

Trust that the entire universe is always in epic collaboration FOR you.

Just as trees bend with winds and storms, just as they dance in the breeze and expand in the sun… so can you.

Go. Do. Dream. Dance. Live. And LOVE!!!